Update! In Canadian Politics. Israel Timing is Everything


“In politics and life, timing is everything.” –Tina Smith, United States senator from Minnesota.

By Alan Simons

UPDATE as of 09.47 ET

April 25, 2023, Toronto ON  –  And so it is for Canada’s Heather McPherson, the New Democratic Party (NDP) critic for foreign affairs.

Just several days before Israel’s official Memorial Day, Yom HaZikaron, dedicated to fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terrorist attacks, Canada’s Heather McPherson, the New Democratic Party (NDP) critic for foreign affairs and Member of Parliament for Edmonton Strathcona, saw it politically suitable to release a statement, on behalf of the NDP, on April 20 demanding Canada’s federal government take a harsher position towards Israel.

“A page out straight of the anti-Israel BDS movement’s playbook”

As reported yesterday morning, April 24 in Honest Reporting Canada, “a grass-roots organization dedicated exclusively to ensuring fair and accurate coverage of Israel and the Middle East in Canada”, McPherson demands “featured on the NDP’s website and on her social media, include a boycott of any goods produced in Israeli communities in Judea & Samaria (“West Bank”), as well as a halting of Canadian arm sales to Israel, both which take a page out straight of the anti-Israel BDS movement’s playbook, which do nothing to advance the cause of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Honest Reporting Canada adds, “The statement, which was shared by McPherson on her Twitter account and to her 11,200 followers, made a number of false and misleading claims about Israeli actions and policies and singled out Israel for censure and opprobrium.

“McPherson, known for her long-time criticism of Israel recently apologized for sharing a podium at a press conference with an individual accused of antisemitism…”

And yesterday, hours before Israel was set to mark its Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terrorist attacks, followed by its 75th Independence Day, it was reported by Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), “A Palestinian man rammed his car into pedestrians in Israel’s busy Mahane Yehuda market as the country prepared for Memorial Day and Independence Day, wounding five people. One man, in his 60s or 70s, was said to be fighting for his life.”

In addition, today i24 News reported, “One person was wounded when a group of Israeli joggers were fired upon in the West Bank, Israeli emergency services reported Tuesday morning. The shooting was confirmed to be a terrorism-motivated attack. According to initial reports a 28-year-old man taking part in a Memorial Day run was lightly wounded in the arm when shots were fired from a passing vehicle, paramedics said. Medics provided assistance at the scene. Hadassah Medical Center reported that the victim’s condition was moderate, and that he was fully conscious.”

Yes, Heather McPherson, it would seem Canadian NDP politics and an Israeli fighting for his life and a group of Israeli joggers, are inextricably entwined. Your comments prior to Yom HaZikaron are inseparable and have become clearer as well. For you, it would seem, timing “is” everything.♦

Alan Simons is publisher and editor of Community Jewish News – cjnonline.com | cjnonline.ca



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