“We Will Remember Them. – Nous nous souviendrons d’eux”


“The Last Salute below, is a photographic historical document of 40 WWII veterans, all over the age of 100, that were captured, in portrait form, during the past two years by Yuri Dojc.”


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       By Alan Simons

TORONTO, November 10/22 – Yuri Dojc is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His major exhibited works are regarded as an international success in cities including Paris, Rome, New York, Milan, Berlin, Jerusalem, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Copenhagen, and across Canada.

Dojc’s current work, The Last Salute  (click HERE) is now on display at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre in Toronto.

The Last Salute is a photographic historical document of 40 WWII veterans, all over the age of 100, that were captured, in portrait form, during the past two years by Dojc.

Yuri_Dojc November 10 2022

Yuri Dojc

It has been written that our tradition is very specific in providing us with ways of remembering our loved ones. And so it is with Dojc’s vivid The Last Salute exhibition. He is best known for his observational approach to the past, with its alloy of subjectivities, empathy, and intimacy. The Last Salute is a quintessential example of Dojc’s ability to capture the very essence of a triad emotional experience between the sitter, photographer, and viewer.

“It’s always about emotions”

“It’s always about emotions,” Dojc has said. He says his projects are generally rooted in the idea of freedom and escape, inspired by his success in getting out of Communist Czechoslovakia in 1969.

Born in Slovakia, Dojc resides in Toronto. His international exhibits include the highly praised Last Folio an expansive project that preserves the cultural memory of the Holocaust in Slovakia. Last Folio remains as evidence of the once-vibrant Jewish communities living throughout Slovakia. It serves as a fitting tribute to a remarkable history in this part of Europe, where on the eve of World War II, many of its villagers had fled and those Jews remaining were soon taken away to concentration camps.

Nearer home, North Is Freedom, a photographic essay, includes portraits of descendants of slaves who escaped to Canada from the United States before the American Civil War using the Underground Railroad.

The Sunnybrook Veterans Centre is the largest veterans’ care facility in Canada. “Working in close partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada, they offer long-term and complex hospital care to over 300 veterans from the Second World War and Korean War. Residents live as independently as possible in the Kilgour wing, and in the George Hees wing within a supportive environment, when their needs can no longer be met in the community.”

Details as to visitors’ guidelines are available >>> HERE <<<  or phone (416) 480-6100


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