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Reaching you where it matters. Community Jewish News (CJNonline) viewers reside in over 71 countries*. And now, as listeners in mind, we want to reach those of you that have a thirst for news that needs to take you out of the never-ending traditional media world of COVID-19. Regardless of the country you reside in, we intend to offer you, throughout the month, interesting podcast stories of value. Here’s an example. Click on each title and then at our podcast site, scroll down to the subject matter.

Short Stories by Kitty Wintrob: Plain or Cork Tipped

Short Stories by Kitty Wintrob: Six to Four the Field

Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians: Lorie Wolf. Drummer. Composer. Educator.

The Culture of Fear. A Canadian Perspective. Searching for the Truth.

Genocide. Denial or Revisionism? Jews and Rwandans. A mutual understanding.

Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians: Rosalie Moscoe. Children’s Music Entertainer, Educator, and Author.

Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians: Ori Dagan. Jazz Singer-Songwriter.

Palestine and the Jews. Eighty-six years ago.

Turkey and the Holocaust. How Turkish diplomats saved Jewish lives in France and Greece.

Books Online. The Children of the Forest.

Meet the Author, with guest speaker David Eisenstadt.

There is no letter “L” for love in the word antisemitism.

*WordPress June 9, 2022.