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Hi there! Welcome to the year 2023 and our newest Community Jewish News (CJNonline) site. A member of the JewishinfoNews.com family based in Canada.

During the coming months we hope to show you your internet home is our home. During these unsettling times it’s not good to be alone, and we have no intention of irritating you!

Our concept at cjnonline, working in collaboration with you, is to share a compendium of information, on many subjects, from many countries, relating to the Community, irrespective of where you live. Our readers reside in 81 countries.**

Readers in our mind, more than ever, have a thirst for news that needs to take them out of the never ending media world of COVID-19. These days, many of us have created a COVID-type perceptual or attitudinal barrier of ourselves that hinders our ability to share a whole plethora of stories, such as anecdotes, folk tales, romances, jokes, news reports that are not published in mainstream media, or perhaps even an enjoyable quirky human interest story. The selection is endless!

Regardless of your age, or the country where you live, as we intend to offer you interesting stories of value, we now offer you the opportunity to respond with either humorous or serious stories you want to share with our online Community. You may submit a story in either English, French, Italian, Spanish or German. We’ll translate it for you. Mind you, translating jokes into English, as you can imagine, is a different matter! Unless you approve, neither your full name nor email address will be published, just your initials and the city you live in.

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