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What do Maureen Forrester, Rick Moranis, Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies), Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf), and William Shatner have in common?


May 8, 2023, Toronto ON – All are highlighted in David Eisenstadt’s just-released paperback and Ebook editions, Musicians Under the Radar – 36 Notable Canadian Jewish Performers.

Primarily available on amazon.ca and amazon.com this is David Eisenstadt’s second published music history book. It is an entertaining and informative read covering 36 notable Canadian Jewish musicians and is the ideal companion to his first book, Under the Radar – 30 Notable Canadian Musicians.

Published by Adhemar Press on May 2, 2023, his latest book highlights Canadian Jewish musicians who, in his opinion, have somewhat disappeared from the public eye. At first blush, a few have achieved above-the-radar fame in other areas of the arts, yet what will surprise readers is that these performers also have credible musical chops and credentials. Witness the careers of Moranis and Shatner, as examples.

Written from a history, not critical music perspective, Eisenstadt’s musician selection criteria include performers who are Canadian (although not necessarily Canadian born), Jewish, all genres and genders, individuals as performers or in groups, alive or have died.

Some of the other notable artists covered include Yiddish folksinger Batsheva; classical music conductor, the late Boris Brott; rapper Socalled (Josh Dolgin); violinist and long-time music director of the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Jeanne Lamon; and jazz & pop singer Nikki Yanofsky.

Why 36? “Jewish tradition holds that the number 36 has had special significance since the beginning of time. Mathematically 36 is double 18, which means ‘life’ … and what started for me as a hobby during COVID-19 continues as a journey of learning and my experience writing historical articles and books has more than doubly enriched my life”, Eisenstadt explained.

“I expect the book to find its way and be available in bookstores, initially in the Greater Toronto area including Indigo, TYPE Books, and Book City locations,” he added.

His first book, also available in paperback and Kindle editions on all Amazon sites, Under the Radar – 30 Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians, published by Baronel Books, Toronto, featured musicians including Corey Hart, Marc Jordan, Moe Koffman, Danny Marks, The Diamonds/Stan Fisher-Phil Levitt, Sharon, Lois & Bram, Amy Sky, The Travellers/Jerry Gray, and Zal Yanovsky/Lovin’ Spoonful.

As with his first book, Eisenstadt expects he’ll be speaking about his latest book to Canadian and US community groups, synagogues/temples, university music departments, and news media.

For further information, David can be contacted at deisenstadt@tcgpr.com or his website, undertheradarbook.com

Photo Credit: Evan Eisenstadt

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