The Queen and Kitty Wintrob


By Alan Simons

TORONTO. September 16, 2022 – I have to admit, I am somewhat of a monarchist, unlike the motley crew of Canadian politicians and media that in their time had intimated, in their own words, that it was time Canada called it a day. Lester Pearson, Mitchell Sharpe, Warren Allmand, Brian Tobin, John Manley, Ken Dryden, Herb Dhaliwal, The Globe & Mail, and the Toronto Star, fit very nicely into that category. 

I do not, nor does Kitty Wintrob! 

As you may know, Kitty has been a regular contributor of personal short stories to CJNonline, your Community Jewish News. She’s written about her life as a young girl growing up in the East End of London, of her Mum and Dad and Uncle Yudi, and her WWII war-time experiences. The Royals played an important role in own her life, as they did with millions of other Brits. And this is reflected in Kitty’s book “I’m Not Going Back: Wartime Memoir of a Child Evacuee.”

I was therefore delighted to read a full-page Exclusive by Kitty titled “A Reign to Remember” published in the Hello Canada Special Commemorative Edition, “Remembering Our Queen”.

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Kitty Wintrob

(Photo: Wintrob Family)

Kitty writes, “The Queen has always held a very special place in my heart, but not only because of her unwavering commitment to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth over her 70-year reign. You see, I was born in London’s working-class East End just three months after newborn Princess Elizabeth took her very first breath at her parent’s home in Mayfair.”

She continues: “And while our lives couldn’t have been more different, I have felt a deep connection to her ever since.”

I suspect those words express the innermost feelings of the people waiting patiently in the line, at the time of writing of about five miles (8km) long, queuing to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall. The BBC reported: “At one stage electronic signs along the route warned those in line that they would be queuing for at least 14 hours.”

As for Canada’s innermost feelings? Well, yes, I accept there are Canadians who, as someone I respect remarked to me yesterday, “I think this oversized, prolonged adulation of the late Queen and family members is uncalled for in Canada.” And I do recognize the make-up of our society has changed enormously over the 70-year reign of the Queen that now includes a culture with little understanding of the role of the Queen of Canada or what it is to be a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 

Yet, there are members of my own family that can attest to having first-hand experiences of personally meeting the Royals, and the comments they’ve expressed to me, reflect on Kitty’s concluding words published in Hello Canada:

“I will miss sharing my life with Her Majesty. She was one of a kind and a model to all. May her memory be for blessings, and may her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren continue her incredible legacy.”♦

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