Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians: Rosalie Moscoe. Children’s Music Entertainer, Educator, Author

“My songs are from a child’s perspective.  I want to leave a legacy for children and still have many tunes that I hope to record – some about the environment, some about food, some about fun.” 

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Rosalie Moscoe

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“Notable Canadian Jewish Musicians.”

By David Eisenstadt

TORONTO May 1/22 – Do you remember children’s music performers, Jim & Rosalie? Many Canadian parents and their kids certainly listened to and enjoyed their happy tunes from 1970 to 1993.

Rosalie Fleishman was born in Toronto, Canada on October 4, 1945.  Her Jewish parents were Polish-born dad Samuel, and Lipton, Saskatchewan-born mother Dora (née Brodie) Fleishman, whose parents were from Romania. 

Rosalie sang at three, upstaging her older brother Fred at Toronto’s Bais Yehuda Synagogue Chanukah concert.  She took violin, ukulele, and guitar lessons and in high school played the oboe and clarinet. “I identified as a Jew as a child, attended Hebrew school, and loved singing in shul,” she said.

Early in her music career, she teamed with her mother in 1973 as ‘Mama & Rosalie’ writing, performing comedy skits, and singing in Toronto and Ontario venues. “We wrote fun skits – Bubie Come To BabysitRenaldo’s Charm School, and others – and had a wonderful time.”

She studied voice with Bill Vincent of Voice & Company and with Rosemary Burns at the Royal Conservatory of  Music in Toronto.  In 1993, she enrolled in the Orff Music Program, Level 1 at the Royal Conservatory. Adding to her education, Rosalie studied Improvision – Second City-style – at Seneca College and took Journalism, Creative Writing, and Songwriting classes at Seneca College, York University, and Long & McQuade.

During those 23 years, Moscoe worked with children through the arts.  Initially, playing her music in nursery schools, day camps, and libraries. 

From 1980 to 1989, she partnered with Jim Duchesneau. They sang their original numbers, “first in elementary schools, then once we recorded albums, we sang in theatres/concert halls for thousands of children across Canada.”  Albums included  Listen To Me – Original Pop Songs For Kids Of All AgesSongs In Action With Jim and RosalieJim & Rosalie At The Music Factory; and I Love To Sing With Jim And Rosalie, which included a music/activity book, published by the Frederick Harris Music Company – the Workshop section created by a third partner, Jean Harrison. A&M Records handled distribution.

The twosome garnered two Juno nominations for Best Children’s Album – Listen To Me in 1981 and in 1982, Jim and Rosalie At the Music Factory.

Rosalie Moscoe Listen to Me 002

Mommy Get off the Phone (Daddy Too)

>>> Click HERE to hear this recording <<<

But, two music business realities hit Jim, Rosalie (and Harrison) during the late 1980s. The threesome parted amicably after losing an estimated $11 million TV series when OWL TV went out of business. Their music book publisher also closed its doors.

Moscoe continued as a solo performer, with her band.  She recorded Rosalie’s Greatest Hits and Rosalie’s Time Machine & Lullabies For All Time

Rosalie Moscoe Feel The Music 002

Feel the Music

>>> Click HERE to hear this recording <<<

During her music career “which ended in 1993,” Moscoe “worked with fabulous musicians and arrangers,” acknowledging bandmates Ron Harrison, a barrelhouse pianist and film composer, and David Harrison, an arranger, guitarist, and bassist. 

Moscoe’s songwriting/publishing scorecard includes original music and lyrics for 26 published/recorded songs for children and 30 unpublished.

From 1980 to 1991, she ran teacher workshops, performing in various venues across Canada. She also did a string of national radio/TV appearances.  As a teacher/instructor, she taught adults at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON; instructed undergrads in their Early Childhood Education Program and a 16-week Music for Children course in 1979.

But the music business took its toll and family life was always most important.  “So, after my difficult decision to leave the music world, I returned to school to pursue another passion – health and wellness,” she explained.  Moscoe studied Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion at Centennial College in Toronto, graduating in 1995.  She graduated in 1998 from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and taught a 16-week Stress management Course at Centennial College that year.

That career change saw her as a speaker to corporations, governments, and the general community.  From 1995 to 2015 she ran workshops and keynoted speeches on stress relief, wellness, and nutrition.  From 1998 to 2016 she consulted nutrition patients of three medical doctors.

A published author of “Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relieve Guide To Thriving – Not Merely Surviving”. It’s worth reading.

But her music roots kept calling and today two solo albums are being redesigned/renamed – Journey To My World and Imagination Station, respectively. This should happen in June 2022.

Moscoe’s songs are about “fun, fantasy, and feelings, to spark creativity, self-esteem, and self-awareness,” she told me.  “My goal has always been to let children know that life is good.  My songs are from a child’s perspective.  I want to leave a legacy for children and still have many tunes that I hope to record – some about the environment, some about food, some about fun.” 

With titles like Pollution RockPlease Help Save My PlanetRecycling RapVeggie Power, and Junk Food Blues, Moscoe’s music will surely be on parents’ radar for young children to be listened to and played for future generations.

Credits:; Rosalie Moscoe/YouTube

Reader’s Comments

-I’m thrilled with the article!! And accessing the music as well. – RM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

-Loverly read about Rosalie’s journey. Thank you. – BK, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

-Having grown up in the era of Miss Anne’s Romper Room, I can say how envious I am of the children that were entertained by Rosalie Moscoe.  Having an educator as my spouse, I can appreciate the talent and enthusiasm needed to captivate young individuals. Again, David, you’ve shared the wonderful resume of another special Canadian Jewish musician. – MB, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

-Good write up David! – LR, Concord, Ontario, Canada

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